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About John Paul Iantsis, RMT

John Iantsis, RMT | Above & Beyond Massage Therapy ClinicJohn's decision to move into a massage therapy career was motivated by his own experience with a severe back injury in 2007. Massage contributed greatly to his 100% recovery, and in 2009, he decided to enroll at the Canadian College of Health, Science & Technology. There, John learned much about treating the human body, and graduated in February 2011 from the Massage and Hydrotherapy program. He has since continued his learning spending countless hours researching the functional relationships of the musculoskeletal system, deepening his understanding of the anatomy and physiology that make up the human body. He now uses a combination of Swedish massage, Myofascial release (MFR), and Post Isometric relaxation techniques to address his clients' needs. In addition to the massage therapy skills he learned in school, John draws from his martial arts training to provide clients with a better understanding of how their own bodies move and work most efficiently. He focuses on teaching proper breathing, posture and self-awareness, all with the intent to minimize stress on the body and mind.

John also teaches his clients what they can do at home and at work in order to help their bodies continue healing between visits.

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